25. 11. 2021.

Please find below the PPTs of the online seminar, which were held on 19 november 2021 in the framework of Castls&Regions project, supportd by the Visegrad Fund.



Prezentáció – 19.11.eng_komarno

Prezentáció – 19.11._komárnói erőd

MTTSZ_Castles-Regions Online Seminar 19-11-2021 MTTSZ Szilvássy I pres



19. 11. 2021.



21. 10. 2021.

Photo of a part the JWG:


07. 07. 2021.

On July 7, 2021, the co-chair of the Joint Working Group István Szilvássy agreed with Mayor of Komárno, Béla Keszegh and his colleagues, the Slovak partner of the Project, to produce of the ‘Castles & Regions Seminar Komarno’ event on October 4, 2021 in the Old Castle of Komarno (SK) fortress.