The major closing event of the project will be a two-day event at two locations: Esztergom and Visegrád. Both of these castles were significant centres of power for hundreds of years, iconic locations in the history of the V4 group and embedded deeply in Central European cultural identity. Today, they are important actors of Hungarian cultural life. The event has a multiple purpose: – it will commemorate the Congress of Visegrád in 1335 as well as the formation of the Visegrad Group in 1991, events that both had defined essentially the region’s history, and influence its present and future from cultural, political and economic points of view; – through presentations given by the project partners’ representatives as well as invited speakers, it will explore the topic of the transnational cooperations of nation states to the benefit of the Central Europe as well as the cooperations of historic Churches of the Western Balkans and V4 countries – it will serve as a major meetup of delegations of the project partners as well as representatives of castles to be involved in or invited to the Danube Castles Network and also include the Network’s statutory meeting Planned programme of the event:

DAY 1 / 18.11.2021 From 11.00 Arrival of partners in Visegrád 12.00-13.30 Welcome buffet lunch in the Royal Palace and networking (hidegtálas, 3 14.00 Memorial meeting on the Congress of Visegrád in 1335 (Royal Palace) Chairman: Gábor Rezi Kató, Deputy Director of HNM Speaker: György Rácz, Historian 15.00 Guided visit to the Royal Palace and monuments of Visegrád 16.00 Planting of memorial trees 17.00 Departure for Esztergom, check-in at the hotel 19.00 Ceremonial dinner in Esztergom

DAY 2 / 19.11.2021 9.00 Visit to the Basilica of Esztergom 10.00 Statutory meeting of the Danube Castles Network consortium Speeches of project partners and invited founding member partners Voting and election procedure 12.30-14.30 Lunch, networking 14.00 Trans-national cooperations of nation states – professional conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrad Group Plenary session Topics: – Commemoration about the 30th anniversary of the formation of V4 – Trans-national cooperations of nation states and their future – Cooperations between historical Churches of the V4 and Western Balkans regions Chairman: Benedek Varga, Director General of MNM Speakers: 1. State representative of Hungary /15 min/ 2. Ambassadors of the project partners’ countries (CZ, PL, SK, RS) 15.30 Coffee break 3. Renewable roles of castles in the region (introduction of the „Castles & Regions” project and project results) – thematic presentations of each project partner /10-10 min/ 17.00 Meeting closure 19.00 Social dinner