As a major deliverable, the ‘CASTLE FOR THE REGION – REGION FOR THE CASTLE’ event at Esztergom will contribute to the project objectives by creating a platform where local and regional demand and supply can meet: HNM (representing Esztergom Castle) and the representatives of a variety of local and regional stakeholders can discuss how Esztergom Castle can be even more integral element of the region from a touristical, educational, commercial point of view. Through the fair, regions’ brand products will reach a wider general public. The project event will be embedded in the Historical Festival of Esztergom, an annual historic/medieval festival organized by the Esztergom Castle Museum of the HNM since 2012, attracting over 10.000 visitors in 2019. The two or three days festival familiarizes the general public with the 10-13th century history of Esztergom Castle through a variety of programmes including knightly tournaments, archery and falconry, dance and musical performances, childrens’ activities, and a colourful arts and crafts fair. The complex project event will include a SEMINAR, a MEDIA EVENT related to the Virtual Exhibition and the CASTLE FAIR & REGIONAL FAIR. – SEMINAR on the roles of castles as centres of commerce, tourism, culture and education in a regional context; knowledge transfer on how these roles could be strengthened to the benefit of the local community and the region. HNM will invite guests and speakers from other castles/institutions involved with castles in the region, representatives of local and regional chambers of commerce and tourism industries, as well as local and regional government representatives and decision makers. At the seminar we will implement the World Café method which fosters creative and collaborative thinking and allows new ideas, insights and questions to emerge during all phases of organizational planning and development (http://www.theworldcafe.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/hungariancafetogo.pdf) We decided to use the World Café method because we strongly believe that if representatives of the castles as well as representatives of regional tourism and economy work together on defining the renewable roles of castles, these will be adaptive and can be put into practice easier and more effectively.

Seminar programme:
1. Informative session (40 min) – Introduction to the ‘Castles & Regions project’ – Introduction of Esztergom Castle as well as other medieval and post-medieval castles along the Hungarian section of the Danube River – Introduction to the World Café method – Presentation about the renewable roles of medieval and post-medieval castles
2. World Café (180 min) Topics: – renewable roles of castles in the diversification of tourism, in the promotion of regional products – cross-border co-operation possibilites in tourism – innovative approach of castles to formal and informal education
3. World Café summary and recommendations for municipality/government decision makers (60 min) Working languages: Hungarian, English – MEDIA EVENT incl. the introduction of the Virtual Exhibition to the local/regional media, local and regional political, commerce and tourism stakeholders, delegates from the partner countries embassies/consulates and the general public – ‘CASTLE FAIR & REGIONAL FAIR’: especially aimed at the general public, beside the traditional arts and crafts products HNM will invite representatives of ‘regional brand products’ to be presented to the general public at the fair – preparatory negotiations (under the leadership of AHSRD) regarding the establishment and operation of the Danube Castles Network to be launched in the framework of the project closing event (see Deliverable ‘Summary Events)’